How we help

No chance to go to school. Without school, there is no education. Without education there is no job. Without job there is no secure livelihood. This is the vicious circle in Africa many children are in.

There are children and teenagers in our home. We enable all of them to go to school. The younger ones go to Primary School and the elder ones to Secondary School. Secondary Schools are usually boarding schools. They are quite far from the orphanage so that the children can only be there during the holidays. When we are in Nyeri each beginning of the year, we pay personally for the children’s maintenance for one year in advance.

It’s been for several years now that we have supported a children’s home with all the trimmings in Nyeri. We pay the salaries of employees on the spot. Without them we wouldn’t be able to carry out our project. We also pay the repairs on the buildings, new buildings, foods for the children, school fees, school uniforms, books and much more the children need for their well-being.

With our projects we help people to help themselves, because educated children take care of their country's future.

We cannot help without your support. Therefore we ask you:

                                                             hier klickenattendance a secondary school

                                                       PLEASE, GIVE THE CHILDREN A CHANCE AND HELP US TO HELP.

                                                        IT'S HELP THAT REALLY REACHES ITS DESTINATION.