How it began

In 2003, Annegret Krause, a nurse, and her husband Berthold decided to visit the place where Annegret had lived and worked in the years 1968 – 1971: Nyeri in Kenya. Very much had changed in the last 32 years, of course. Annegret used to work in the training center of the Red Cross in those days. Now she had a lot of trouble to find her former working place again at all. Thanks to old photos and quite a bit of persistence, Annegret and Berthold found the building. Meanwhile, that house had become a home where street children and orphans had taken refuge in.

However, Annegret and Berthold were shaken by the conditions the children lived in. So they started to support the orphanage in Nyeri.

At the beginning there were just small amounts of money, but in the course of time, the number of friends who helped as well, grew. Meanwhile, an association has arisen from the small beginnings. It was established in 2007 and was acknowledged charitable.