Our association

Our association is registered in Germany and Kenya (Nyeri).

The German address : An der Kapelle 10a 26810 Westoverledingen.

Our association was established in 2007.


Board members  in Germany:

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  1st Chairman:        Nikolaus Nordmann
 2nd Chairman:       Annegret Krause
 3nd Chairman:      Sibylle Pfeifer   
  Treasurer:              Eckhard Sinning
  Secretary:                Susanne Nordmann
  Advisory board:    Heinz Rieken und Ralf Janssen

Contact persons in Nyeri:

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   Alice und Daniel Gakwa

Board members in Kenya: Nyeri German Child Support:

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You would like to support our project or become a member of our association? Just fill in our application form and send it to us:



Our association was registered number VR 200090 at the district court in Aurich on July 12, 2007. A certificate for individual donations will be automatically sent ( please don’t forget your address when transferring money or send a separate email.)

Article of Association