Our aim

As many states in Africa, Kenya is a country with partly vast contrasts. Those without work often live in bitter poverty without enough food and in miserable hygienic conditions. Especially children suffer from these conditions.

Many families can hardly afford to feed their children sufficiently, much less send them to school. Although primary school is free nowadays, people don’t have the money for the required books, pens, exercise-books or the needed school uniforms. Nyeri Childcare pays the total maintenance for the children in their home and thus enables them to go to school. Some of our children would have starved on the streets, others would not have had the chance of education. We want to give them a perspective and help them to stand on their own two feet in the future. Our target is to improve education or to enable it at all, because this is what is needed for the chance of a hopeful future.

The members of our committee fly to Kenya once a year on their own expenses. During this stay, we have repairs done to the buildings accommodating the children. We decide what has to be bought for the orphanage and organize everything for the children to start school. All this is done by us on the spot. Local craftsmen and companies profit by this and we pay them directly.

It’s the same when it comes to school fees, school uniforms, school books and other requires school equipment. We follow the development of each child carefully. Thus assures that the children benefit from every donated euro.

Joseph Wanjau who studies mathematics and computer science at Kenyatta University, tells his life story in an interview.

Only with your support we can successfully continue our work and offer the children a better future.

A SANTE SANA - THANKS for your help!