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You can support and promote our work by …….donating money

Our children’s home is financed by donations only and we are looking forward to any amount of money that we are given. The children are continually supported and thus have the chance of getting out of poverty into a self-determined future. We decide ourselves which way the donated money is spent for. Therefore, each year members of our organization fly to Nyeri on their own account to work on projects on the spot. During these visits we organize building projects, do the shopping for the children’s home, take care that children start school, talk to the members of our team in Kenia and visit the schools. Local craftsmen and companies profit from us. We pay them directly. The same is with school fees, school uniform, school books and other necessary school equipment. We carefully follow the development of each child. It’s because of the personal contact that we make sure that the children have the benefit of each Euro from the donations.



Donations to Nyeri Kinderhilfe e.V. are tax-deductible, because our association was recognized charitable and registered number VR 200090 at the district court in Aurich on July 12, 2007 .

You will be given a written confirmation for separate donations automatically (please give your address when transferring money or send us a separate email).


The particulars of our bank accounts:

                                                      Nyeri Kinderhilfe e.V.

Raiffeisenbank Flachsmeer

IBAN: DE34 2856 2716 0047 8202 12


When cancelling your SEBA Direct Debit mandate, please fill in: DE18ZZZ00000209553.

We are really thankful for each Euro that helps us to carry out our aims and maintain our children’s home!