Project sponsorship

You can support and promote our work ……by taking sponsorship for an individual project

Regular payments mean security in planning for us. This is what we need in order to continue developing our children’s home. You decide yourself whether you support us with 30 or 50 Euros monthly - or any other amount. You take part in improving the conditions of life of children in need with every Euro you give. Our attention is particularly drawn to the fact that donations of money are used purposefully and have a lasting effect. That’s why we fly to Kenia on our own account at the beginning of every year in order to work in our children’s home and look for the right. You can cancel a sponsorship for an individual project any time without giving reasons.


Project “ Library” Education is the only way to escape from poverty. We want to establish a small library in our home which encourages the children to read. We want to introduce them to stories and valuable and interesting information and allow them access to books all the time.





Project “School” Uniforms, books, exercise-books, pens and school fees need to be paid. Please help us to enable all the children to go to school. All our children start school and we support them – if necessary by extern teachers in the home. So they can take part in the nation-wide exams at Primary or Secondary School.



Project “House” When the children come to us, they are usually emotionally and physically neglected. We receive them and give them a home. This includes appropriate rooms, children’s rooms where each child has his or her own bed, a kitchen, dining-room, showers, toilets, store-rooms, storage for firewood, offices etc. As the houses of the home belong to us as well, we want to keep our property in good condition. Please, help us to take care with a long-lasting effect even for this.



Tables and benches are bought on the street




By the way, you can give individual sponsorships as a present as well. On your demand you will receive your personal present document.







          Form for sponsorship for an individual project






Donations to Nyeri Kinderhilfe e.V. are tax-deductible, because our association was recognized charitable and registered number VR 200090 at the district court in Aurich on July 12, 2007 .

You will be given a written confirmation for separate donations automatically (please give your address when transferring money or send us a separate email).


The particulars of our bank accounts:

                                                      Nyeri Kinderhilfe e.V.

Raiffeisenbank Flachsmeer

IBAN: DE34 2856 2716 0047 8202 12


When cancelling your SEBA Direct Debit mandate, please fill in:DE18ZZZ00000209553.

We are really thankful for each Euro that helps us to carry out our aims and maintain our children’s home!