Project 2018

Again and again it’s great to watch a school child become a teenager and then an adult taking life in her or his hands. Lucy who we supported for many years finished education and has become a teacher teaching since the beginning of this year. We visited her at her school and were more than happy to see how much she is engaged in her job. Three of our girls passed the nationwide exams at the end of Primary School so well that they are now able to attend Secondary School. The children use our small library enthusiastically. We plan to enlarge it in the coming years. We brought clothes and toys from Germany. Like every year the children were thrilled to take them. The kitchen garden has become bigger and brings good yields. Besides the rabbits we now have 10 hens laying busily eggs. And we also have 4 ducks now. The children are enthusiastically taking care of all the animals. 

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New shirts for Riamukarve Secondary School’s team.

Niko and Sibylle with Richard, Lucy, Esther and Nelson (left to right)

So many white guests are always an attraction. 

“Our” Lucy as a teacher in her class. We are proud of her!

Each year it’s the same: “Brause” – a German lemonade – is fantastic!

A deep thank you to all those who help us!

The children love singing and dancing.

Niko with three of our boys: Felix, Bernard and Jackson.


Even the older pupils feel that our visit is something special.

Wilma divides what we brought with us.

We tidy up the library – this must also be from time to time.

A photo, please! The girls enjoy taking part.


Our children in their school uniforms of Riamukurve Primary School.

Fooling around – always interesting!

Homework – more or less popular.

Everybody joins for the final photo of our 2018’s trip.