Project 2017

After all the building projects at our children’s home it is now in excellent condition. Beside different rooms, which allow us to give the kids of different ages a solid home, we have a kitchen garden, a big place to play and enjoy. The trees we planted the year before have grown quite a bit! There is also a see-saw which not only the younger but also the older kids enjoy using. We have a rabbit which Peter takes lovingly care of and – 16 new kids! We admitted 12 boys and 4 girls aged five to twelve years. These lively little rascals will keep us busy in the coming years! We don’t only support the kids who live in our home, but we also support 12 so-called external kids at the moment. Those are kids who we paid the school fee for but who live with their families.
Some of our older kids – Nancy, Faith and Esther – will take part in the exams at the end of Primary School (KCPE). These exams take place all over the country. We keep our fingers crossed an whish them good luck!

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Mangos are simply delicious! Sweet, juicy and healthy as well.

The youngest kids put a lot of effort into helping with the laundry.

Although not knowing any German, they were fascinated by the article anyhow.

In Kenia as well there is homework more than enough!

Any kinds of games are mostly welcome.

Michael and Ralf are drawing “Hinke Pinke” on the old foundations of the kitchen.

The kids love their new see-saw.

Practice makes perfect - we bought new books for the home’s library.


The kids were thrilled by “Brause”, a classical carbonated drink from the times of our childhood.

Supper: Peris and Faith like corn with beans.

This white skin – is it genuine? The kids wanted to make things sure with Michael.

Visit at Riamukurve Primary School.


Excursion to the post office in Nyeri. What happens to a card after being thrown into the mail box? We were explained all the procedures.

Have fun and go wild! Even simple things like balloons bring so much joy!

The elephants’ heads are the result of our first art project.

Group photo at the end of our visit – we are already looking forward to 2018!