Project 2016


Construction work in the children’s home are finished. Throughout last year we had followed the process of work via mail and WhatsApp and were quite eager to see the result. We were not disappointed at all. In fact, our expectations were exceeded. A big thankyou to all those in Germany who gave money for this! And thanks as well to the Kenyan building contractor for working solidly and carefully. And one more thankyou to our team having lived at the building site with the children for a long time. As new rooms had to be set up as well, we were busy with that this year and managed al the regular things, too. Virginia made us happy. She passed the national exam at Secondary School with 371 from 500 points and will continue her education at Chinga Girls High School. Esther, Justus and Ibrahim are the best three pupils of their class. Little Milkah passed the application exam at Riamukurve Primary School and is looking forward to going to school there. We planted trees, bought tables and benches, visited schools and and and  

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Our new kitchen wing with dining-room and store-room.

The new building with multi-purpose room and offices.

This is the end of the shoes’ chaos: We bought colored shoe shelves.

The new oven consumes much less wood than the old ones.

Preparations for the official opening feast. All together we blow up many balloons – seemed like hundreds!

………Esther and Peter with the sparklers we brought.

An excursion to Old Pejeta Reserve. We wanted our children to see the native animals live.

Children of a neighboring Sunday School brought us food. Thank you!


The new library was established and tried out at once.

Soap bubbles from Germany were a big hit.

A visit to Esther Wanjiru ad Business College.

Children of Town View Academy welcomed us enthusiastically.

Virginia Wanjiru started school at Chinga Girls High School.

Richard finished Polytechnic College. He now wants to go to Secondary School. As he worked hard, we agreed to continue school there.

All together we planted six new trees.

The end of our visit 2016. As usual time passed too quickly.