Project 2015

Joseph (15 years old) and Faith (4 years old) came to our home last November. They have adjusted very well and found god-parents as well. Esther and Lucy finished Secondary School and are eagerly waiting for their results.Rose and Kennedy finished Primary School and continue their education at Riamukurwe Secondary School.We extended our capacity by rebuilding and renovating. We plan to take more children in the future. Our social worker Mercy gave birth to her third child and doesn’t work for us any more. We are happy that we found Rachel to replace her. She gets along with the children extremely well and beside that she is familiar with all kinds of work at the office. Peris is 25 years old now and can no longer stay at Allomano Special School. We took her back to our home and gave her small tasks which she works on conscientiously.

As every year we personally paid the school fees, books, uniforms and whatever is needed for one year.

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Our first excursion with the kids. This was the most important fact during our visit.

Lunch together: French fries, sausages and juice. Maria helps the little ones cutting.

Everyone wanted to join Nico driving the car.

Ralf brought recorders. Playing them was not as easy as we had thought!

As usual: Shopping, shopping, shopping.

Rachel with Rose and Kennedy at their first day of school.

…and we watched them.

The funny trio: Faith, Jane and Milkah.


We decorated the new wall together.

The children ( and the adults as well) admired the results!

Rachel makes Loop Gum Bracelets for the kids.

Ingo and Ralf playing football with the boys.

We visited Peris Wambere at her Secondary School.

Annegret, Niko and Rachel doing office work. That has to be done as well!

Veronicah with blue hair.She is working at a hairdresser’s in Nyeri.

Good-bye photo 2015.