Project 2014

We newly admitted Jane (6 years old), Bernard (7 years old), Ibrahim (7 years old) and Esther (13 years old). Furthermore, we support Paris Wambere who finished Primary School with a very good result. With our help she is now able to attend Gathungururu Secondary School. Veronica was able to go for a period of practical training at a hairdresser’s. Richard finished Primary School. As he would like to become a carpenter, we arranged to be educated at Rukira Youth Polytechnic School. We now support 28 children and kids who we introduce at “Children 2014”.

As every year, we paid the school fees, books, uniforms and whatever is needed for one year for all the children.

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Veronicah proudly shows her “Dummy” which she practices hairstyles on.

We are playing “Twister” All the children have fun doing it.

Annegret and Niko with the new kids (from left to right) Jane, Esther, Milka, Bernard and Ibrahim.

”Don’t get annoyed” – the kids enjoy playing it very much.

Niko and Bernie put up the new swing made from tyres.

Big shopping for the home – everybody helps as much as she can.

Richard finished Primary School and studies at Rukira Youth Polytechnic School now.

The pirate tattoo was the mostly desired one.


A break near the water tank.

Justus, Bernard and Peter.

On Sunday we went to church with our children.

As every year: A visit of Town View Academy in Nyeri.

Locals who heard of our project brought donations of various kinds.

Esther, Justus, Nancy, Faith, Veronicah, Esther and Rose.

Christmas greetings from Mühlenschule, Papenburg.

Farewell-photo 2014.