Project 2013

Joseph, who studied informatics and mathematics at Jomo Kenyatta University, finished his studies successfully. He is going to set up his own business. Peter Mwangi finished college and is waiting to get a job as a policeman or a soldier. The three brothers and sisters, who came to us in the beginning of 2012, settled down well and feel fine. Joyce finished Primary School with a good report (395 from 500 points). She is now waiting for Secondary School. James finished Primary School as well. His report was so good that he has been invited to go to Nairobi. He has a chance of getting a sponsorship for Secondary School. Grace decided to leave us. We wish her all the luck she needs for the future. We bought the land and the house of our children’s home and made the first payment for it. The second one has to be paid in the end of August 2013. While being in Nyeri we decided to have all the outside walls of the houses painted. So far, Daniel, our contact person in Nyeri, has used his own car for all necessaries. After 22 years, his car unfortunately can no longer be used. That’s why we decided to buy a car for the home. As usual, we paid all school fees, books, uniforms and whatever is needed for the children for this year.

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Signs to the children’s home now show the way on the most important main roads.

We donated shirts of the soccer team S.V. Nortmoor to John’s school, Chorongi Primary School.

New school books for the 6 children of our home, who go to school at Riamukurwe Primary School.

Nation Media Group from Nyeri donated the goal.

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The children love the German so called “Gummitwist” after having been trained by Nicole.

Our houses are freshly painted.

Daniel welcomes us with a delicious cake.

The youngest children were allowed to cut it in pieces.

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Great! Our children answer letters which had been written by pupils of Michaelschule in Papenburg.

This grandmother received food and clothes. Her 4 grandchildren live in our home.

Singing and dancing – we had a lot of fun together.

Self made little dolls for the children of Allemano School for Handicapped.

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The 3 children who came to us in April 2012, feel very good in our home.

Enthusiastic welcome at Chorongi Primary School.

Group photo of those members of our organization who arrived first.

Group photo of those members of our organization who arrived second.