Project 2010

This year the children moved into our newly rented houses. It was quite an exciting moment for all of us. It was the first time that we saw the freshly renovated buildings and we were relieved that everything had turned out to be very good. In fact, everybody was enthusiastic – especially the children. They settled in vast and feel happy and immensely safe. That was the moment when the children’s home started to be headed by us solely. That meant for us additional costs for rent, salaries, electricity and water. We established an association with the local inhabitants in order to enable registration in Kenya. Our name is “Nyeri German Child Support”. Signs were fixed so that visitors can find us.

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A photo of our kids and friends.

Wilma had brought balloons from Germany. They were tied together and hung up .

Letters and pictures from Germany were read and looked at with great interest.

Wolfgang and Niko with the employees: Judith the cook, Jane Chokwe the warden and Daniel the Chairman.

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Our night-watchman is not to be trifled with. Frank had to see that, too.

Our team in Kenya from left to right: Daniel Gakwa, Nikolaus Nordmann, Ms. Phoeb Gachan, Annegret Krause, Mr. David Mwangi und Jane Chokwe.

A new shelter was built in order to be able to dry the laundry.

A photo to say thank you for the support to BVB – Dortmund/Forum.

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These are our teenagers.

These kids are at Town View Academy. Five of them have a scholarship from the owners of the school.

You see the big washing day with lots of laundry in the home. Everyone lends a hand.

It’s so good to be cuddled up on Annegret’s knees.

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We visited schools and paid the school fees for one year.

This is the main entrance of our children’s home in Nyeri.

View to one of the five buildings.

These are all the persons, who were in Nyeri in the year 2010.