Project 2009

After 3 weeks in Kenya and a lot of work in the project, we flew back to Germany on February 13, 2009. This year, five kids started Secondary School which takes 4 years. The smallest children, Nancy and Faith, are now at Primary School where they attend first class. It’s an always returning routine for us: pay school fees, choose mattresses and not forget cushions, buy pens, exercise-books, books, take measures for school uniforms. New shoes are needed as well as brooms and machetes for the elder kids (for cleaning and work in the garden), help the kids who are at Secondary School and much more.

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Some of our kids, Niko and Jane,our warde.

Does the new pump work?

Annegret shows Faith how to tie the shoelace properly.

It is good to have fun.

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There is not always sunshine: Problems have to be solved.

Kids try their new school uniforms.

Everything for Secondary School is packed.

We take care ourselves when the children start school.

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We had to wait for the registration at the schools.

All items get a registration number.

We visited all the kids who had started school the year before and we paid the school fee for one year ahead.

We visited Persi and Gabriel who are at "Allamano Special School" a school for handicapped, run by sisters.

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Peter Mwangi is an enthusiastic footballer. We brought him a shirt from Borussia Dortmund.

Here’s a short video: Like most kids in the world, our kids are great football fans. Peter shows his ability in this short film.

Nancy und Faith attend school now, too.

The mother of these four brothers died some years ago. They stay with their father, who is very sick. They wouldn’t be able to go to Secondary School without our help.

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Niko is a dentist by profession. He did not only look after our children but worked on a wheat farm for one day, too. Annegret and our cook David helped him with the patients.

Many people came and asked for Niko’s help. He had to pull out many teeth.We used an old car seat as a dentist’s chair.

Even dentures had to be adapted.

This is a photo for our benefit concert on June 6, 2009 in Germany.