Project 2006

On January 6, we flew from Düsseldorf to Mombasa and continued our way to Nairobi by Kenia Railway at night. It took us 14 hours to travel 500km. In Nairobi we took a matatu for the last 150 km journey to Nyeri. Like the year before, we found accommodation with the Kubai family. In 2005 the roofs of the girls´ and boys´ dormitories had been renewed, and new ovens for the kitchen had been installed. This time it was our plan to fix the big roof of the kitchen / dining-room and office as well as to rehabilitate the warehouse, the washing- rooms and the lavatories.

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We ordered the material we needed. As the kitchen couldn’t be used because of the constructions, we had to build up a temporary one.

We recognized the brickwork had been badly damaged during the years, so we put up eight new concrete beams. Now we could do the roofing work and exchange damaged wooden pieces for corrugated iron.

The warehouse looked about the same. Fast help was needed especially at this place, as food ( e.g. corn and beans) was stored there.

We cleared out the dining-room, painted the walls, repaired the benches and made new tables. After that, everything looked much more comfortable.

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We bought a TV and made it secure in a metal box.

The kitchen was painted as well, and new shelves were built up.

The kitchen with the new ovens. The plumber also repaired the pipes.

The washing-rooms got new roofs, broken wood was replaced and new water pipes were installed.

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The old toilets were in a disastrous condition. European toilets were removed and replaced with Asian ones (recessed into the floor).

We needed a dry shelter for the firewood. We built a covered shelter. The sides were protected from the weather by waste wood.

It is quite a problem to keep the rooms clean, especially during the rainy season. The African red soil sticks on the shoes like chewing gum and is thus carried around everywhere.

The side way for the rainy season: we laid out a cement path by the wall of the house between the kitchen and the washing-room.The cement path for the rain season.

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Nanncy,Faith and Kennedy

Patrik Maina

Niko and Wolfgang

The boys from the home.