Project 2005

On 6th of February we flew from Hamburg via London to Nairobi. In Nairobi we changed into a matatu(Taxi) and drove 150 km to Nyeri. Nyeri is situated in Kenya’s highlands near the Aberdare mountains. On 7th of February we arrived in Nyeri. We stayed at the house of the Kaibai family. Our contact person Daniel Gakwa had already made all the preparationes, had done all the official work so that we could get down to work immediately. Our plans for the year 2005 were to get the roofs of the boys’ and girls’ domitories repaired as well as sanitary repairs to the kitchen done.

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The roofs of the boys’ and the girls’ dormitories were clapped-out and leaky. When it rained, the beds had to be moved in order to find a dry place.

The kitchen was sooty, the ovens rotten, the water pipe didn’t work anymore, the sink was wretched.

Susan and Niko was in Nyeri.

Parts of the wood construction were missing and the others in bad condition.

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The wall in front of the boys‘ dormitory was instable and disconnected to the side walls, and there was a big risk of crumbling.

Being most important for the safety of the children, the front wall was demolished.

A new front wall was built which replaced the old one. It was fixed to the side walls.

The old timbers were removed and replaced by new ones , boys’ dormitory from the inside.

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The side walls were stabilized by 6 concrete beams. Then the roofing work could begin.

The same happened to the girls‘ dormitory.

This is how the girls’ dormitory looks now.

And this is the result: the girls‘ dormitory on the left and the boys‘ dormitory on the right.

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Now it was the kitchen’s turn. In order to remove the thick smoke,we installed an opening to the roof.

The inside walls were scratched clean with a machete.

Three new ovens with low energy called jickos, were built and set up, each one with separate beacons.

The farewell photo.

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The person who is in charge for the school uniforms, took the measures of the children and organized them.

Ties have become a standard of the school uniforms lately.

Everyone got new linen and cushions.

We had ordered a „flying trader“ with the shoes. He took the measures on the lawn.